Jan 122012

Who needs VPS hosting and why

Anyone who plans to create and publish their own website on the internet needs an efficient web hosting server to do so. While looking for the right host for your website, you will find that there are various web hosting options to choose from, at various rates and with various resources.

The cheapest option you have is shared web hosting where quite a few websites share the same server and the most expensive option is a dedicated server where you have a whole server for your website. In the midst of these two options is a third type of web hosting service, the VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting account.

In case of VPS hosting, only a few clients share a robust server. The server has a very special software installed that makes each client believe they have a dedicated server – even though it’s not. They have guaranteed resources available and one client’s load does not affect the others. They can even reboot their VPS server without knocking off everybody else.

VPS hosting does cost more than a shared plan but considerably less than a dedicated server.

Advantages of VPS hosting

The main advantage of VPS hosting is that when compared to cheap hosting options, its packages are much more flexible and robust. You have more control over its resources. Unlike shared hosting where you have limited resources and no control, with VPS hosting, if you experience an increase in your website traffic, you can easily buy more resources to help handle this traffic.

The second advantage of VPS hosting is that you are provided with a unique IP address. With this unique IP address, you don’t have to bear the brunt of any problems all the other people using the same server and IP go through in a shared setup. So unlike shared hosting, you need not worry about getting knocked down the Google search results for your site just because somebody else sharing that IP was doing something that Google frowns upon.

As you have your own IP address in VPS Hosting, your site is provided with excellent security and high flexibility. VPS hosting has the advantages of a dedicated server without the high price tag and is suitable for small businesses that are not yet ready to have dedicated servers.


Like all web hosting options, VPS hosting has its share of disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that since you are in control of software installation, maintenance, security and updates, you need to have in-house technical expertise to handle it. In other words, you are in charge of monitoring and maintaining your own web hosting service. If you don’t have such expertise in-house, you will have to outsource it and that raises your cost.

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