Jan 092012

In 1998 a corporation was formed to assign identifiers that form a domain name. Because of that corporation you will find that you have plenty of choices when you want to register your domain name.

Of course there are a lot of different domain name registrars but it is important for you to choose a domain name registrar that is accredited. Many people are concerned with price, and price is an important part of the equation. But you should remember that a cheap price is nothing if you don’t choose a company that has exceptional customer service. If costs are important to you there are a couple of reputable domain registrar that have great customer service and a fair price. See link below.

Some offer you services such as domain name, bulk domain name registration, and bulk domain transfers. You can also get auctions with them allowing you to bid, make an offer, or buy and sell domain names that are registered.

Some provide a transfer service that allows you to transfer your domain to them quickly and easily. This would allow you to keep the same domain name if you are not satisfied with your current registrar. Some offer free private domain name registration, an email account, a five page starter website builder, and customer support any time you need it.

One way they hook you is offering you a low price initially but then they get you on higher renewal costs. They figure by the time it is time for renewal you will pay the price just so that you don’t have to change domain registrars.

There are some registrars whose interfaces are very easy to use. Others take a little getting used to, and others are a nightmare. Find a registrar that has an interface that is simple to use and allows you ease of managing your website. You can usually tell from the registrar’s website if it is easy to use. If you can navigate around their website and get where you want to go easily, chances are you will have the same ease with your own.

You will want to have full control of the domain name so that is something you should ask the seller up front. You should be allowed to list your contact information as the administrative and billing contact. Most of the larger domain registrars will gladly allow you full control of you domain.

Most any domain registrar will attempt to sell you other services such as hosting, email etc. Some registrars offer these services free but they are usually not very good quality. Keep in mind that you do not have to get all of these services at one place, regardless of how hard they try to talk you into it. If you desire hosting for your website there are plenty of hosting services out there that will provide you with great hosting service.

There is a list of ‘Domain Registration Services’ that let’s you compare prices beyond the first year. Peruse that and then go with one that you feel the most comfortable with.

Good Luck!