Jan 082012

If you plan to create a website, you not only have to think about designing it and writing relevant content for it, but you also have to choose the right web host for hosting it. There are various web hosting companies online, so you have to make a few comparisons of services the hosts provide before you actually choose your host.

Here are some points to bear in mind to help you make your choice.

  1. First of all, you have to ensure the web hosting services has the necessary equipment and capacity to provide your site with reliable web hosting. You don’t want to hire a web host first, only to later find out that they cannot comply with your hosting needs. 


  2. Take a look at the web hosting company’s policy to find out what their stand is about using illegal content on their customer web pages. This is important because there are various hosts that entertain illegal content, and thus end up with their site getting frequently blocked. You don’t want your site to suffer only because the server of your web hosting company was taken down because of hosting objectionable content.


  3. Though most web hosts quote and promise 99.9% uptime, it is always better to choose a host who also gives you a QoS guarantee and money back guarantee in case of equipment downtime. This not only safeguards your money, it also proves that the host is committed to providing good service to their customers. 
  4. Similarly, choose a web host that offers a maintenance and backup policy. Also check out the frequency of their equipment maintenance and server data backup as it gives you an idea of the reliability of the service and how safe your data is in their server in case anything happens to their server.
  5. While hosts may promise 24×7 technical support, the only way you can verify this is by talking to some of the web host’s existing customers. There are many hosts who only make false claims of round the clock technical support, and implement it only for a few weeks or month. you can find out if your host speaks the truth by asking people who have used their services.
  6. You have to find out if the web hosting company will register your chosen domain name in your name or not. This is important because it can get expensive resolving disputes over the domain name ownership.
  7. Don’t forget to compare rates of various web hosting companies to find the right host who will fulfill your hosting needs within your budget. Though there are many free web hosting services around, they follow stringent rules on the customization and resources on their servers. So unless you are on a very low, shoestring budget, it is always better to avoid using free web hosting services.
  8. If this is the first time you are looking for, and using a host, you could choose hosts that provide training on building websites. There are some web hosting services that provide templates that you can cut and paste to get your site ready and running.
  9. Web hosts that not only provide web hosting, but also provide advertising credits from sites like Miva, facebook and Google are a better choice as it helps offset your running expenses.

A better choice is a reasonably priced web host that offers realistic guarantees on their web hosting services.

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